My Bio

Bethany M. Leddy, New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2002, with a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine. She continued her education with an externship at Longmont Hospital in Oncology (2002), Golden West rehabilitation in Geriatrics (2001), and had the distinguished honor of being the Chief fellow of Integrated Medicine at St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan (2006).

Bethany practices a unique, integrated acupuncture style combining the best of Japanese, Chinese, and trigger point acupuncture techniques to create a total healing experience. Acupuncture's diagnostic system allows for the treatment of a number of symptoms and disorders with one treatment.

Bethany's ten plus years of experience have led her to develop additional specialties in treating fertility disorders, all conditions related to pregnancy, sports medicine and pain disorders, pediatrics, anxiety and depression, and allergies to name a few.

Bethany's practice aims at treating the whole patient mind, body, and spirit to return them to a state of balance and well being.