Depression, Anxiety,And other Emotional Issues

Chinese diagnostics are rooted in the Five Elements and their relative balance to each other. Each elements corresponds to a dominate emotion and an organ system in the body. When the elements are in balance to each other the emotions are also balanced. We will determine what the nature of the elemental imbalance is and correct that. Through correcting this elemental imbalance the emotions become more balanced. Often emotional issues may correspond to more than one organ system and involve multiple emotions. When the core issues are determined and rebalanced this can have a positive and dramatic affect on the emotions.

Emotions can also be the result of situational and recurrent daily events. These situations can often be due to work, family, or relationship stresses. Acupuncture can also help to relax the mind and body to help alleviate the harmful side effects of stress and allow the patient to feel overall relaxation.

Issues such as depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders can sometimes be less situational and caused more by neurological and chemical imbalances. Through Chinese diagnostics we will help to evaluate what elemental imbalances co-exist with these deeper physical imbalances. Once the elemental balances are corrected the symptoms of the physical imbalance can be greatly reduced.

Often patients are undergoing treatment with a cognitive behavioral therapist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is very complimentary to these other therapies. Removing the physical energetic blockages and elemental imbalances significantly aligns a person. This allows for deeper realizations in therapy and the ability to identify and move past old patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Releasing the physical energy blockages of the organs and chakras through acupuncture allows the person to let go of old emotional patterns they have been holding on to.

The goal of treatment will be to create deeper states of relaxation and more overall emotional balance.