Endocrine Disorders

The endocrine system is a complex system within the body which functions based on a negative feedback loop. The body senses the rise of one hormone and the decrease of another to single the release of yet another hormone. The endocrine system is one of the most complicated systems of the body and modern medical science does still not completely grasp its complete functioning. Whether your endocrine issue is due to a thyroid problem such as hyper or hypo thyroid, diabetes, or a fertility issue acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help to regulate the endocrines system release of hormones.

Many factors such as the immune system, stress, and the nervous system can affect the endocrine system. Acupuncture helps to regulate the endocrine systems by regulating the nervous and immune systems. Acupuncture can have a direct effect on the glands that release the hormones as well. Many acupuncture points are located close to major glands such as the thyroid and can help to regulate the function of the glands by being activated by acupuncture points.

I have a vast understanding of lab results and the relationship between blood hormone levels and the endocrine system which helps to measure how the glands are functioning. Through monitoring your hormonal levels with your endocrinologist, acupuncture, dietary, and supplement recommendations we can help to get your endocrine system back on track and functioning efficiently.