My practice is celebrating 21 years of healing!

My mission is to help you to reach your reproductive health and wellness goals. I take the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine combined with modern research to create a specialized treatment plan for you. If you are looking to become pregnant, maintain radiant health through out pregnancy, or address other women’s health issues from pre-teen through menopause Elemental Acupuncture is your source for achieving optimal results.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has been shown in numerous studies to be effective for pain relief. I specialize in muscular-skeletal disorders, joint pain, and spinal disorders such as disc herniations. You do not need to live with pain. Acupuncture can help decrease your pain levels today. 


At Elemental Acupuncture I can treat all of the generations of your family from infants to seniors. During my 19 years of practice I have success in treating many other disorders such as allergies, digestive disorders, cancer treatment support, sleep disorders, mood disorders and many more.


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My primary philosophy in the treatment of patients is to assist and empower a person to heal his or her own body through the many varied techniques of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I utilize all the ancient theories of TCM and translate them into our modern lives. Whether I am treating your physical pain, helping you quit smoking, helping you battle a long-term illness, or treating other issues, my focus is on teaching you to lead a healthier life and prevent future illnesses with Chinese medicine. When undergoing treatment in Chinese medicine you will release pain, gain more energy, improve your facial appearance, and feel better emotionally and physically. The primary focus in treatment is to uncover the underlying and root cause of imbalance in the body, which is creating disease. The body consists of many levels. Your current condition and symptoms are the superficial level of imbalance; however, as you undergo treatment, your system unfolds to reveal the underlying, constitutional pattern--the deeper level. It is through the process of treatment that you can access this deeper level, correct the root of imbalance, and find lasting health.