Chinese Herbal Medicine

Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Archaeological evidence of Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back to 2,000 B.C. However, the first comprehensive texts listing herbal properties and actions dates to 4th century A.D. Chinese Herbal Medicine has existed in some form for thousands of years. Most of the herbal formulas I prescribe are classical formulas, which have been prescribed for thousands of years. Modern Chinese Herbal Medicine has developed from its folk medicine ancestry– when local shamans used the herbs, minerals, and animals of the region to treat disease‹to a complex scientific study. In China and the U.S. these ancient formulas have been tested and analyzed to determine their therapeutic actions on the body and interactions with other modern pharmaceuticals. The combination of ancient principles with modern scientific research has created a powerful healing methodology with little to no side effects. Almost all modern pharmaceutical drugs have been synthetically derived from some part of plants or minerals. Aspirin, for instance, was derived from white willow bark. However, because pharmaceutical drugs only isolate some of the alkaloid components of plants and herbs, and use only single herbs they often have harmful side effects for the patient. We are all familiar with the long list of side effects that come with pharmaceutical medications. Chinese herbal formulas use a combination of whole herbs with all of the beneficial alkaloid components of the herbs. The herbs in the formula act synergistically to balance any potential harmful side effects. Thus Chinese herbal formulas effect powerful healing within the body without creating any harmful side effects. However, those patients with impaired liver or kidney functions should be careful when taking any herbal formulas because their absorption and excretion will be affected. By determining through Chinese diagnostics the primary imbalance with in your body, I will select the formula for you that will bring you body back to balance and ease your symptoms. Once the imbalance is corrected the herbal formula is no longer necessary. Unlike western medications you will not have to be on them for the rest of your life. There are deeper imbalances within the body that underlie manifesting symptoms. These are constitutional imbalances, which can be passed down from parents through birth or acquired from experiences or dietary habits. These deeper and more fundamental patterns can require herbs that are used on a longer-term basis, such as 6 months to a year.