Cold/Flu Conditions

Colds, The Flu, Chronic Sinus problems, Ear Infections:

Through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine colds, the flu, sinus problems, and bronchial disorders can be significantly reduced in symptoms and if got early enough, prevented. Chinese medicine has a unique diagnostic system that is very different from western medicine. One of the principles of this system is the exogenous pathogens. These outside pathogens are wind, heat, cold, damp, dryness, and summer heat. When the body is exposed to these pathogens and the bodies defensive system is weakened sickness occurs. These pathogens also follow a path of progression from the exterior to the interior. Acupuncture can treat the illness at any stage, and can prevent it from progressing further. We can all feel the first signs of when we are getting sick, we may have a sniffle, sneeze, runny nose, or sore throat, and feel a little run down. These are signs that your body is telling you there are imbalances and pathogens in your system, normally, wind-heat, or wind-cold. By getting an acupuncture treatment and taking a prescribed formula of Chinese herbs we can prevent the cold from progressing further interior. Interior progression normally involves developing a cough, fever, chills, extreme sore throat, and increasing mucous production. If these are the first symptoms you experience then your defensive qi is injured in some way and mounted no defense to produce the initial symptoms. There is an appropriate herbal formula and acupuncture treatment for every stage of progression of a cold or flu, which will help to speed your recovery and eliminate further sickness. Chinese herbal formulas have broad spectrum anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties; however your condition will be watched closely and if needed you will be referred to a western physician for anti-biotics. If you have a weak immune system and seem to get every cold or illness going around, then acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help to strengthen your immune system from the inside out and help prevent you from getting sick. Often vitamin supplements and dietary recommendations are also included in treatment.