Dermatological Conditions

Dermatological Conditions

The skin the body’s largest organ is an outer reflection of our inner health. When the body is balanced the skin is radiant, clear, and glowing. When the body is out of balance the skin can be sallow, broken out, or we can get affected by rashes. Chinese Medicine can help bring the body back to balance and make the skin radiant again.

Acne can be diagnosed in Chinese Medicine as several different patterns based on the symptoms and type of the breakout. Acne breakouts can also have a hormonal imbalance as a component as well. During your initial appointment a full medical history will be taken which will help to differentiate and diagnosis your specific acne imbalance. Chinese herbs taken in pill for are very important for treating acne conditions and will be incorporated into your treatment. Homeopathic medicine may also be incorporated if you are determined to have a bacterial imbalance which is contributing to the outbreak. Acne is caused by an internal medical imbalance it can often take at least ten treatments to see results.

Eczema is a broad term to explain dermatitis or skin irritation. It can be caused by internal imbalances often related to digestion or allergies or by external irritants such as soaps, detergents, lotions, perfumes, dry cleaning fluids, or environmental toxins. Determining the key irritant and eliminating it is essential to successfully resolving the problem. You may need to get allergy testing to determine what the cause is. Eczema can also have at its root an emotional cause such as stress or anxiety. Often the greater a person’s stress level the worse their eczema can be. Through the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs we will calm the skin reactions, desensitize you to the allergy, and get the skin back in balance. Since this condition can reflect a chronic internal imbalance it can often take 10 sessions to see results.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder where the body immune cells or T-lymphocytes attack healthy skin cells this causes skin cells to regenerate at a faster rate in certain areas creating harder, scaly patches at the surface. The cause of this over active immune response is unknown but Acupuncture can help treat it. Acupuncture can help to moderate the immune systems response so it no longer has a hyper stimulated response. When the immune system is calmed down it will stop recognizing the skin cells as dangerous to the body and stop attacking them. Topical creams, Chinese Herbs, and moxibustion are all used to help assist the acupuncture’s effectiveness. There are a number of internal imbalances in the body that Chinese medicine recognizes to play a part in psoriasis as well. Treatments will be focused on correcting these internal imbalances as well. Psoriasis patients will often have to have 10-20 sessions to achieve lasting results and will require monthly maintenance treatments as well.

Urticaria, or Hives as it is commonly known, is a whirl patterned, itchy rash that can sometimes come on suddenly. It can occur occasionally or chronically as in the case of cholinergic Urticaria. In most cases it is due to an over active immune and stress response. There can sometimes be an allergy component to it as well. Acupuncture will calm the immune system, reduce the stress level, and rebalance the internal imbalances to help calm the skin. Chinese herbal medicine is also incorporated in this treatment. Generally people will start to see a change in 5 sessions.

Chinese Medicine is also effective in treating other skin disorders as the broad based diagnostics can identify and correct many imbalances. The end results will be radiant and healthy skin.