Disorders of the Circulatory System

Disorders of the Circulatory System:

High blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Edema, Anemia

Acupuncture has the strongest effect on the circulatory system by encouraging and opening blood flow to various areas of the body. Through this strong effect on the circulatory system acupuncture can help to regulate blood pressure and blood flow throughout the body.

High Blood Pressure: In Chinese Medicine high blood pressure is a condition of a problem with the flow of energy in your body. Constriction of blood vessels causes a blockage of blood flow and energy and a build up of pressure throughout your body. By focusing on increasing the energy circulation and blood circulation, improving the function of the heart energy and correcting the flow of energy downward we can help to regulate the blood pressure. I always recommend continuing any medication recommended by your Doctor although over time the two of you may evaluate a reduction of medication based on your blood pressure numbers. Also stress reduction through acupuncture and lifestyle changes including diet and exercise will be a significant help.

High Cholesterol: High cholesterol is a rising problem even among younger adults in our society. Diets that are heavily centered on saturated fats and animal products have led to a nationwide increase in weight and cholesterol. Some people have high cholesterol genetically due to the way their livers process cholesterol and other have high cholesterol due to dietary habits. Acupuncture will address your high cholesterol by helping to improve the livers function and processing. Dietary changes, exercise, and supplements will also be a major part of treating high cholesterol. There are many alternatives to traditional statin medications that reduce cholesterol up to 30 points.

Edema: Acupuncture helps to encourage lymphatic circulation and blood circulation which helps to reduce edema significantly. Certain organs of the body control water distribution throughout the body. Through the regulation of the lung and kidney energy we can help to regulate to the flow of water throughout the body. Many patients are afflicted by dampness in our east coast climate. If you are bothered by humidity and it makes you feel s sluggish, tired, or irritable then you have an issue which dampness. If you have more aches and pains on days when it is rainy and cold or rainy and warm then you also have an issue with dampness. Dampness can manifest obviously in edema and swelling or in mucous and phlegm or more insubstantially. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can work to clear stubborn dampness allowing the body to feel lighter and less bothered by humidity.

Anemia: In addition to circulating the blood Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can work to encourage blood building and increase the total number or red blood cells. This can be very helpful for patients who suffer from anemia acutely or chronically.