Insomnia and Sleep disturbances

Insomnia and Sleep disturbances

Proper sleep is absolutely vital to health. Rest allows the body and mind to regenerate import functions. When an individual is sleep deprived this had an extensive effect on all aspects of a person’s life.

Chinese medicine allows specific diagnosis of a variety of sleep disturbances. We can treat these sleep disturbances naturally without drugs or drowsy side effects. During your first visit you will be asked about your specific sleep patterns to determine what the cause of the sleep issue is. Then you will be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help alleviate the cause and gain more restful sleep. Often some lifestyle changes will need to be made to assist the effectiveness of the treatment. If the cause of your sleep disturbance is due to depression or anxiety the focus of the treatment will be to eliminate these symptoms to assist in helping to balance sleep.

In Chinese medicine the Heart governs sleep. The Heart is also easily affected by all of the emotions. It is very common for sleep disturbances to have an emotional component. This will be taking into consideration during the diagnostic and treatment process.

If your sleep disturbance is more recent it normally can be alleviated in five or so sessions. If the sleep disturbance is due to a longer pattern over your life time it can often take more sessions to help break the pattern. As a positive side effect of most acupuncture treatments patients notice that they sleep better and are more rested.