For Pediatrics:

As a colleague of Bethany’s, I refer my adult & child patients to her with complete confidence. She has also been extremely helpful with keeping my own children healthy & balanced. I am very thankful for her presence in our lives! Amy Baker, LMT


Bethany helped me prior to having my right hip replaced. Initially I hoped that she could help me avoid surgery. I grew to accept I had real pain that could only be managed so far even with the magic of the needles deftly placed. Bethany helped my healing process. Bill Miller


I’ve always been very active, but after the birth of my son I had trouble with incontinence and it made jogging almost impossible for me. A friend suggested that I see Bethany, and nearly immediately I began to see a marked change. Bethany continued to treat me regularly for about months and now, thanks to her, I am back to my normal activities. B. Mancini, 38


Bethany’s command of medicine earned my respect and her insight earned my trust. And though I don’t condemn western medicine, I wish more Doctor’s could embrace the nurturing aptitude of holistic care with the same skill Bethany displays in each session. Her work is laudable, but her needles speak for themselves. One session with Bethany, and you will float home. -S.K.

If it weren’t for you tending to me all these years, I would not be in as good a shape as I am now, both physically and mentally. You are a kind, understanding and extremely proficient professional and I bless the day I first came to you for acupuncture.-P.M.

I recently moved away from NYC, and while I miss my job, my friends, and my coffee shop haunts, what I really miss is my acupuncturist. She’s that good. -J.S.

Bethany is by far, one of the most talented, committed, and compassionate practitioners in this city. She approaches her patients with a kind, welcoming spirit and easily guides them toward a healthier lifestyle. Being an acupuncturist is Bethany’s calling. Her knowledge is vast and her intuitions strong. I have seen my health and well-being improve greatly since beginning acupuncture with Bethany. My life has changed in so many amazing ways thanks to her and her heart centered work.- Charlotte Blake, Personal Trainer.

Bethany is amazing! She really helped me through a difficult period in my life with her treatments and her kindness and sense of compassion are beyond compare. I recommend her to people all the time.-Bridget Batch, 35

I have been patient of Bethany’s for over 8 years. Over this time period she has helped me address everything from post-cancer health recovery to the common cold to sports performance. I am continually inspired by Bethany’s knowledge and skill, and her care and compassion.—B.E.

During a time in my life of extreme stress and withdrawal from anti-depressants Bethany’s weekly acupuncture treatments were the only thing that helped. Where Western medicine failed, the acupuncture healed me both physically and mentally. I was never a big believer in non western medicine before but afterwards I am now a lifelong believer in acupuncture but most specifically Bethany’s skill as an acupuncturist. I am normally a wimp when it comes to needles etc but as a first timer she made me feel very comfortable and her treatments were so relaxing I often would fall asleep on the table.- Daniel Age 32

Bethany Leddy is the consummate professional. If you think you are going to just any acupuncturist you will be pleasantly mistaken. Bethany takes her time to fully evaluate your state of mind and your physical body. The pre treatment mental therapy is just as important as the active acupuncture treatment. I live in NJ but if I could make it more than one day a week I would. The best all around therapy I have ever received. Always satisfied.-SH

Carpal Tunnel and Back Pain

Bethany changed my life. Her personalized approach and technique were just what I needed to finally find relief from constant pain related to Scoliosis and carpal tunnel. I am grateful to have found her. (HB)


Several years ago I suffered a seizure that was diagnosed to be the onset of chronic migraines. I saw an outstanding neurologist who very thoroughly examined me and sent me for a battery of tests. Thank god it was just that. After many months of trying anti-seizure, migraine, and narcotic pain killers that made it very difficult for me to conduct my former lifestyle, I tried acupuncture upon the recommendation of several other acupuncture-migraine sufferers. After six months of treatments with Bethany, my migraines were cured and with monthly maintenance I have not had a migraine since, and very few headaches… I feel very fortunate that acupuncture was so successful for me.-Rocco/ 50

Pregnancy and Allergies

Acupuncture has liberated me from the grips of Western reactionary medicine attempting to solve a problem with a chemical drug. Fed up with chronic allergies and sinus infections I looked Bethany up, called her in a panic and she fit me in that day deciphering what my needs would be through my laryngitis. With regular visits I was able to throw out the Claritin and endure only a few sinus flair ups a year. That was six years ago – with Bethany’s caring guidance I have adopted a preventative medicine lifestyle. My overall health is much improved, major and minor problems quickly resolved. Her one on one care in a serene environment is a far cry from what this nation calls “health care”. Even though I have “insurance” I have always paid for her impeccable service out of pocket deeming it a worthy investment.-anonymous

When I became pregnant with my first child two and a half years ago I took part in her monthly maintenance for a healthy and happy pregnancy which helped offset sciatic pain, indigestion etc. Now pregnant with my second I look forward to my monthly visits! – Jill K. Nagy, 34


I credit Bethany with enabling me to get pregnant and carry my baby to term. After several miscarriages, I visited Bethany prior to my next pregnancy attempt. I was 39, which the medical world loves to call advanced age. I truly believe my daughter would not be here if it wasn’t for Bethany’s touch. I also had a needle phobia and she worked me through that as well. Not only did I see her for the first trimester, but I chose to continue my visits until birth. I had an amazingly easy pregnancy, which I credit her for. Not only is Bethany fantastic at her profession, but she truly cares about her patients and their well being. “ Maya Brewster-Dorian

I started seeing Bethany halfway through my second pregnancy with a laundry list of complaints. I had never had acupuncture before, so I was a little skeptical. But Bethany took a lot of time to get to know me and was able to concentrate on a number of different issues in each session. For my acute pain, I was able to find relief within 24 hours. Thank you Bethany, for making my pregnancy so much more comfortable!-anonymous

When I got quite a bit past 40 weeks into pregnancy without going into labor, my midwives suggested I try acupuncture to get things going. Bethany Leddy was great about fitting me in for an appointment even with very little notice. I had no previous experience with acupuncture, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Bethany did a great job explaining everything to me. I expected that it might be quite painful, but for me it really wasn’t, and the actual experience ended up being extremely relaxing. When we spoke on the phone before I came in, Bethany mentioned that, since I’d never had acupuncture before, it was likely that I’d need two sessions before going into labor, but that then it should hopefully have an effect within 24 hours. And indeed I went into labor about 12 hours after my second session. All in all, being treated by Bethany was an excellent first experience with acupuncture, and I would certainly recommend it to a friend. –S. Torpey

Ankle injury

A few days after I badly sprained my ankle Bethany treated my injury with Acupuncture and I was pleased to see an immediate improvement in range of motion and decrease in pain.-R. Merrie Handfinger, D.C.

Shoulder Pain

Bethany is a warm, friendly and intelligent healer. After years of yoga practice contributed to tight shoulders and other problems, her treatments fixed me right up! She not only helped me on a physical level but also helped me to move forward in emotionally in my life in many ways. Do not waste your time with anyone else, Bethany is the best!”-Claudia F

Plantar Fasciitis

I turned to Bethany Leddy for help with plantar fasciitis that had rendered me unable to walk for over a year. Though acupuncture on the soles of one’s feet is never pleasant, Bethany helped me when nobody else could. Her warm, professional, no-nonsense knowledgeability and cheer made the experience all the better. –EA, age 38.

Pain Acupuncture radically decreased severe pain and inflammation in my knee. It worked when nothing else did. I’ve since successfully used it to heal other pains and injuries. Bethany is exceptionally knowledgeable and caring. She explains how everything works and why she chooses various treatments. She was highly recommended to me, and I have since recommended her to many friends and colleagues. There’s no downside to acupuncture – no drugs or side effects, just relief. Christine Youngberg (age 50)

For years I wanted to try acupuncture, but wasn’t able to make time. Then in 2010 I suffered a herniated disc in my back and was experiencing terrible pain down the right side of my leg. Acupuncture was really helpful in providing me with relief on a regular basis, and in addition I discovered that it could do so much more. It also helped me to treat tightness in my neck from sitting at a desk, as well as allergies during the spring. Bethany is very personable and is extremely thorough in her treatment. Sometimes the needles can be a bit painful due to my injuries, but Bethany is great about making sure you are comfortable. After each session, I feel refreshed both mentally and physically. I’m going to be moving out of New York in a couple months, and I can say that I will miss my sessions with Bethany!-Jason, 32

Scoliosis Bethany changed my life. Her personalized approach and technique were just what I needed to finally find relief from constant pain related to Scoliosis and carpal tunnel. I am grateful to have found her.-H.B.